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"Enhanced Web"

Enhanced Web was developed out of concern over the undesirable material on the Internet. We spent more than a year researching the possibilities of filtering it. After all that analysis we finally came to the conclusion that it was virtually impossible.

       So, what were our options? We realized that the only solution was to bring to one place the good of the Internet. Thus began the R&D of what you see today. It turned out to be an effort that has spanned more than eighteen years.

       Right from the beginning it was determined that we would not try to impress anyone with our technical  abilities. Rather, we wanted to present the content (links to Web sites) in a simple, well organized, easy to navigate format. Admittedly, that didnít serve us well image wise. However, many average persons have appreciated the result. Frankly, that was our target. We wanted to attract the typical person who daily browses the Internet seeking wholesome information. We sincerely hope our immense effort meets your approval.


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