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I don't know what you think about Glenn Beck. Actually, he is not the issue here. What influences me to support his new network, theblaze.com is that Glenn is literally the "Watchman On The Wall" relative to the security of both the US and Israel.

With regard to Israel, he recently raised over $4,000,000.00 to prove his willingness to stand with them and he brought important leaders from 80 countries there to take a stand with him.

His goal is not to promote a religion or faith. Rather it is to say to the world that God cares about Israel and so should we. He firmly believes that, as it goes with Israel, so it will go with the USA. In short, our two nations need each other.

Glenn is developing a complete online network in High Definition which will be second to none. The programming described through the links below illustrate delightfully what he will be offering.

I'm sure you won't like everything on theblaze.com. I doubt there is much in our lives that we like everything about, is there? However, in my opinion, Glenn is doing more to defend the security of the US and Israel than anyone else that I know of and he is putting his own security at risk to do it. In fact, his business advisors are telling him he is going to go broke. That 's a risk he is willing to take because he believes what our nation is facing is so serious he has no choice. The things Israel and the US are being confronted with are literally beyond comprehension. He wants the public to know what is happening so that honorable people can stand together to defend themselves.

Glenn needs our support. It is the monthly subscriptions that are going to make the difference of whether or not the theblaze.com network survives. Please sign up HERE NOW! You will be very glad you did!

One last thing. You can pay by the year and save money, but you can also be billed by the month as I am. The programming he has planned will be worth far more than the $5.00 - $10.00 monthly subscription. However, should you elect to do so, you can cancel it at the end of any month you choose.

Click the links below and enjoy! And, Oh yes, tell everyone you know about this page. Thanks!

Dave Anderson, Webmaster, Owner
Enhanced Web

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