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Resources Page Here are some links that you may find useful. Anthropology Links|Anthropology and Education|Anthropology and Religion| Education Resources|Colleges|Articles Related to my Thesis Research Anthropology Links The Index of the Royal...

KUMA Public Education
The Museum of Anthropology at the University of Kansas offers a wide variety of interpretive programs for all ages and interests. Activity centers, informational hand-outs, and exploration sheets are coordinated with selected exhibits to enhance...

Peterson's Virtual Campus
Welcome to Peterson's Virtual Campus SM for Western Washington University Bellingham, Washington 1999-2000 General Information: State-supported, coed, comprehensive institution. CGS member. Enrollment: 11,655 graduate, professional, and...

American Anthropological Association
The world's largest anthropological organization ....  4350 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 640, Arlington, VA. 22203-1620 phone 703/528-1902; fax 703/528-3546 .

Education Planet - Anthropology Resource
Education Planet - the education Web guide provides over 300,000 quality educational resources including anthropology resources.

Virtual Library of Anthropology
In the last few decades, there has been a movement in anthropology towards applying its methods and theories outside of mainstream academia. This has been termed Applied Anthropology, Practicing Anthropology, and Professional Anthropology.

Top20Anthropology - Online Directory for Anthropology
Top 20 Anthropology ... Resources ... Teaching Materials ... Anthro Index Online. Anthro Review DB ...
Provides a list of the top rated sites.

The Department of Anthropology at Temple University
For information on any of the following categories, please click on the word. Graduate Academic Programs Undergraduate Program Faculty Archaeology Biological/Physical Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Linguistic Anthropology The Anthropology of...

Anthropology Department
Anthropology is the study of humankind over the entire world and throughout time. Anthropologists study existing cultures and human behavior (cultural anthropology), traditions (folklore), prehistoric cultures and lifeways (archaeology), the...

NATIVE AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Links to American Indian Sites GENERAL INFORMATION INDIANnet-the first American-Indian owned network Native Web-A comprehensive site about native issues Yahoo's Native American Indians Links Index of Native...

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