Chemistry Sets, Chemical Science- learn chemistry
Explore the fascinating world of chemistry. Largest selection of chemistry sets, apparatus and chemicals on the web, all especially designed for students - K-12 plus college level. Plus we have a vast array of science projects to explore every aspe

University of Florida Chemistry Department
Chemistry at the University of Florida Welcome to our webpage. We are among the top 10 Ph.D. granting Chemistry departments in the United States. Our department currently has 46 tenure track faculty, 7 teaching and research support faculty, over...

Science Happens at the Center for Chemistry Education
Bringing science to life for students and teachers alike has long been the signature of the Center for Chemistry Education ... An array of products, services and free resources that emphasize the hands-on ...

NDSU Chemistry - Uniting Education and Research
The department of Chemistry at North Dakota State University offers BS, MS, and PhD degrees in all branches of chemistry. The department is well funded and has outstanding research facilities which are unrivaled in our region.

The BioChemLinks is a gateway to the best biology and chemistry educational resources on the Web.

Chemistry - Internet Gateway
QuickLinks.. -- Science Library -- LEARN Directory -- Voyager Databases A-Z Resources by Subject Internet Gateway Libraries & Collections Document Delivery Services Instructional Services Site Map -- Forms Search People Maps Help -- University of...

American Chemical Society Analytical Chemistry Springboard BioChemNet Inscight - Science news presented by Science magazine Internet Chemistry Resources Jesuits in the Sciences Learn Chemistry Online - A great way to learn and practice organic...

Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index
Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index is the WWW portal for all chemists with thousands of links to freeware, discounted software, companies, free databses, online journals, societies, job resources, spectroscopy resources, reaction mechanisms and much mo

Graduate Study - Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Graduate Study in Chemistry at Cornell University There are two routes you can follow to learn about graduate studies in the Department of Chemistry at Cornell University. Route One Route Two A menu-driven version of our Graduate Study in Chemistry.

ScienceWeb - Chemistry
Supported by Site Map Chemistry American Chemical Society ChemCAI: Instructional software and resources for Chemistry (Links to instructional software and other resources for Chemistry educators, from Simon Fraser University) BioChemNet Canadian...

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