Anabaptist History
Used, rare and out of print Anabaptist history books. The webs only website dedicated exclusively to the study of Anabaptist history. Some of these books are considered collector’s copies; however, all are readable and worthy of the edification of the body of Christ at large. You will also find a free church locator, articles and even some wonderfully written new books.

Anabaptist Bookstore Church History Book
Find church history books by Anabaptist Mennonite authors and publishers. Even a history of Christian education from a Mennonite perspective.

Church history comes alive at C.H.I.
_Explore twenty centuries of Christian faith. Wednesday the 14th of June on PBS If you missed it, order a copy for yourself. Can't afford old books? Christian Heritage Library has bought them. Now the Heritage Library shares excerpts with you on...

Church History
Church History Xenos offers course work in a number of periods of church history and historical theology. The following resources are among those we use in these courses New Testament History: A Chronological Study of Paul's Ministry and A...

Schaff's History of the Christian Church Vol VII
The History of the Christian Church by Phillip Schaff The entire 8 volumes of Schaff's History of the Christian Church has been converted to electronic format and is now available on CD-ROM. Although Schaff's work is in the public domain, the folks.

Church History: Truth and Reason
Church History Early Church Christian Classics Ethereal Library Early Church Fathers, Search the Church Fathers Guide to Early Church Documents The Ecole Initiative: Index Page The Church Fathers New Advent: FATHERS OF THE CHURCH Hall of Church...

The Hall of Church History
A friend who noticed my reading habits asked, "Why would anyone want to study theology by reading A Bunch of Dead Guys? Shouldn't you focus mostly on current works, or risk becoming an irrelevant theological fossil?"

Church History from Jesus to Constantine-- A.D. 30-313
Between Jesus' life and the year 313, the church went through many changes. After 70, Christians became dispersed, moving out more and more beyond Israel. Christianity increasingly became Hellenized.

Christian History ONLINE
Exploring the first 2,000 years of the Christian church, Christian History gives you a new article each week examining everything from the life and times of Jesus to C.S. Lewis.

Resources In Ancient History
Resources In Bible and Ancient History The Books listed are complete in one file which makes searching easy. Some external links are included in the last section below which will connect you to the locations containing the books if you are on line..

CHURCH HIST ORY RESOURCES The APEO CHURCH MINISTRIES DIVISION endeavors to locate Internet resources to help the pastor and church leader fulfill his or her mission. The CM Division does not necessarily promote any of these sites but provides them..

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