CREATIVITY, The Literary Charity  (Link submitted by Michael Page, Edinburgh, UK)
Based in Edinburgh, UK, the team at CREATIVITY, The Literary Charity, work with schoolchildren and adult learners at home and across the English speaking World, in particular those who have incapacities, or are otherwise disadvantaged.

A Huge Selection of Classic Literature is a bibliophile's paradise, featuring antiquarian books & services, including book searches. Titles on every subject from a network of fine dealers. News & event postings, too.

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From John Updike and Margaret Atwood to Nathan Englander and Aimee Bender: Essays, interviews and previews from the hottest books and authors every month.

Poems for Parents - by Blue Ribbon Baby
Raising a child is tough and stressful at times. These poems will help you deal with the anxiety caused by raising a child. Every parent must read these poems!

The Poetic Link
The most incredible poetry publishing and critiquing site on the Net! Your work is critiqued by poets all over the world! Cash prizes awarded monthly to the top poets and top critiquers!

The Scholar's Bookshelf - Selected Books
They feature military history, history, fine arts, literature, religion, and philosophy, with over 10,000 carefully selected titles. Discounts of up to 70%. - Literary Criticism
Easily find the best library and reference resources on the Web - libraries, maps, dictionaries, encyclopedias, quotes, calculators, newspapers, almanacs, phone books, lists and much more.

Online Literature Library - An Online Library of Literature
Presents complete texts of classic writers' works. Peruse a FAQ, join the mailing list, and look up works by author or title. ... The Leader in Automobile Literature
The Leader in Automobile Literature is the largest source of automobile literature anywhere in the world! Welcome to the website! Welcome to ... The Leader in Automobile Literat

Society of Biblical Literature
Society of Biblical Literature Since 1880 ON-LINE MEMBERSHIP FORM MEMBERS ONLY OPENINGS BECOME A SOCIETY FUND DONOR Publications - by the leading biblical interpreters in the wor

Classics at the Online Literature Library
This Online Literature Library is sponsored by Knowledge Matters Ltd - Description: The Online Literature Library's archived electronic texts available online, indexed by author.

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