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Joy Williams - I Believe In You - Found Here! - Hear Her Here! - See & Hear Her Here!
This young lady is my niece. Our family is extremely proud of her! She has a very pure heart! The Webmaster
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Nominated for "New Artist of the Year - Dove Awards!


"On the Left Behind tour earlier this year, I had the opportunity to get to know Joy Williams. She is the kind of person you meet and you feel you've known forever. I am so encouraged by her sweet spirit and genuine passion for God. Joy, you go girl!"  Rebecca St. James.

Leave a Little Room Foundation - Gospel Music and Radio
LLR Gospel Music - the best online selection of the latest Gospel Music releases as well as hard to find titles.

The Chancellors Quartet - Southern Gospel at it's best!
The Chancellors Quartet  has been singing Southern Gospel favorites throughout the United States and much of Canada since 1970.  After more than a decade of full-time touring which included numerous radio and television appearances, the group began a part time ministry, singing on weekends and at special events. Audiences love the full, rich harmony and spiritual uplift they receive from the well rounded program full of music, humor, and challenge.  The five latest recordings, "Oh, What a Savior", Personal Friend", "Newborn Feelin", "Under New Management" and "Sing the Glory Down" demonstrate the group's versatility and ability to inspire and minister.  You'll want to hear them to enjoy Southern Gospel music, sung the way you love it. 

Jimmy Swaggart
Most everyone is familiar with Mr. Swaggart's failings. However, what I remember about him is the impact his music has had on my life over the years. I give God thanks for that. Here you will find his ministry catalogue which provides an extensive resource of his music...The Webmaster

David Ingles
The Lord spoke to me and He told me some things. He said, "You'll begin to write with a new anointing and through the music and through the singing as you minister forth, that anointing will flow out from you. And if the people will believe it and receive that anointing, they'll be healed in their body-financial needs will be met, harmony will come to the home, the yoke of bondage will be broken, because it's the anointing that breaks the yoke.. David Ingles

Joyful Noise - Directory of Christian Music Artists
Resources - Sites that provide other resources to Christian Artists: Leo J. Laughlin Encoding of your Christian Music into RealAudio files suitable for the Web ...

CTI Christian Music Directory E
This is a list of Christian Music artists and groups online. We would ask you to submit any bad links or people we have overlooked. Also if some of these links are inappropriate please report them. As best I can tell these people are all Christians.

Contemporary Christian Music Artists Page
Contemporary Christian Music Artists & More Artist / Group Name Projects / Sites / Thier Music on the Net Archers Aaron Jeffery Anointed Carolyn Arends Susan Ashton Avalon Audio Adrenalin Brown Bannister Margerette Becker Bob Bennette Kim Boyce Ray.

Christian Music Links We Now Have Over 80 Links to Christian Groups Listed A & M Records Acappella Among Thorns Susan Ashton All Star United Anointed Audio Adrenaline Avalon BEC Recordings Margaret Becker Benson Records Big Tent Revival Bleach...

.. Artist Sites 4 HIM Official-www.4him.net Fan-www.christianlink.com/music/benson/4him/ Carolyn Arends official-www.carolynarends.com Fan-www.baylor.edu/~Jennifer_Kuykendall/carends.htm Susan Ashton Official-susan-ashton.com Margaret Becker Fan...

Christian Music Artists from Canada
CrossCanadaSearch lists over 200 Christian music artists and bands from Canada.

Welcome to www.Place2B.org
Christian music, Gospel music and information on Christian music artists, albums, Christian music festivals and concerts, Christian music media, worship and church music.

Gaither Music
Watch The Odyssey Channel this weekend Saturday 10 PM EST Sunday 1 AM EST Dear Friends,For over thirty years we have tried to create materials to change lives and encourage unity in the "Body of Believers." To show how the great, profound truths of.

Songs of Praise
A unique source of original praise songs for your church. This site was created by Elton Smith and Gilberto Barreto in 1996, but along the way dozens of other people have contributed their efforts. Each song has a midi file and music score.

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