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Jerry B. Jenkins
Jerry B. Jenkins describes himself as the "most famous writer no one's ever heard of."  He has written over 100 books and writes the comic strip Gil Thorp.  He and Tim LaHaye are the authors of the popular Left Behind series of novels.

Dr. Robert H. Schuller
Dr. Schuller came to Garden Grove, California, in 1955 to found the Reformed Church in America’s congregation there. With his wife, Arvella, as organist and $500 in assets, he rented the Orange Drive-in theater and conducted Sunday services from the roof of the snack bar. The congregation’s growth over the years dictated the decision to build the Crystal Cathedral.

Bishop Thomas T.D. Jakes
Bishop Jakes grew up in a hillside neighborhood, where every adult in the community contributed to the childrens upbringing. At an early age, he was described as being opinionated, stubborn and driven. His early habit of preaching to an imaginary congregation and always carrying his bible to school earned him the nickname "Bible Boy".

Bill Bright
Warm greetings and love in the name of our risen, reigning Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for taking the time to view the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ on the Internet. For over fifty years, Vonette and I and our fellow staff throughout the world have dedicated our lives to Him and to the fulfillment of His Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8). To use the Information Superhighway to say thank you to you is a blessing.

Jerry Falwell
With a burden on his heart and a dream in his head, Jerry Falwell set out in 1956 to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. Little did he know at that time that God would use his sincere desire to do the Lord's will to build a life-changing, world-impacting ministry.

Charles Stanley
IN TOUCH MINISTRIES® is a reflection of the life and teaching of Charles Frazier Stanley. This preacher/teacher is senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and the featured speaker on the IN TOUCH® television and radio broadcasts.

Tony Evans
On behalf of The Urban Alternative, let me welcome you to our home page. We are very excited to be able to provide you with the ministry materials you will find here and trust that they will be a blessing to you. We will be adding new materials to our home page as they become available and hope that you will want to visit with us often in the future.

Pat Robertson
M. G. "Pat" Robertson is an internationally renowned religious broadcaster whose perspective on world events and commitment to humanitarianism are respected by millions around the world. He is the founder of The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) Inc., International Family Entertainment Inc., Regent University, Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation,  American Center for Law and Justice and several other organizations and broadcast entities.

Charles Swindoll
A  native Texan, Charles R. Swindoll was born in El Campo, on October 18, 1934. Chuck joined his brother, Orville, and his sister, Luci, as the third and last child of Earl and Lovell Swindoll. His parents had married in 1930, and perhaps the closeness in ages of their three children contributed to the warm family times enjoyed by the Swindolls. Chuck's original pursuit out of high school was directed towards the field of mechanical engineering. However, during his tour of duty with the United States Marine Corps, which included 16 months in Southeast Asia, he became convinced that the Lord's real direction for his life was Christian service as a pastor. Chuck and Cynthia were married in 1955 and have four children and nine grandchildren.

Dr. David Jeremiah
We're working hard to make this site as user-friendly as possible. We've got our web people working to create the easiest, most helpful resource we can possibly make. We'll go on-line with a resource center you can order all of our books, study guides, tape series, and other Bible study helps right on-line!

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