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Welcome to Disciple
Welcome to Disciple, an online resource for Christians in Minnesota. This site was prayerfully designed to give Christians connections to get involved in their communities.

Welcome to Revrund Fun
Today's Cartoon-The Artchives-"Fun" Stuff For Sale-Need A Cartoon?
Reverend Fun's Links Page-Reverend Fun's Mailing List-About The Author.

Daily Wisdom
Would you like to become a Daily Wisdom Contributor? If you have an original unpublished evangelistic story, allegory, testimony or apologetic presentation you believe would be appropriate for Daily Wisdom, here are some guidelines for submitting. Daily Wisdom was recently honored as one of "The World's 1,001 Best Web Sites" by PC Computing magazine.

Hebraic Heritage Ministries, International
"Sound the Shofar in Zion and sound the alarm in my holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the Land tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, it is nigh at hand" (Joel 2:1)
Hebraic Heritage Ministries International desires to form a data base to network people all around the world who are studying the Hebraic Roots of Christianity. By linking up with us, you will be networking with other people around the world who have our same heart. Hebraic Heritage Ministries International is associated and has contacts with other ministries who are teaching the Hebraic roots of Christianity. By linking up with us, we will help you find resource materials to aid you in your study as well as help you locate people in your area who are also studying the Hebraic roots of Christianity !!

Peggies Place
This is one of the most complete lists of Christian sites on the internet. It is awesome!

Cross Daily.com
This index is meant to help you find the right index to search for what you are looking for. Instead of going through many different indices to find the right one you can now look at all of them and find the correct one.

Gospel Communications Network
Gospel Communications Network is an alliance of Christian organizations dedicated to spreading the Gospel over the Internet's World Wide Web as described in our Mission Statement. Please feel free to contact us via email at info@gospelcom.net or phone at 800-253-0413.

Songs of Praise by Gilberto and Friends
One of the best site on the Internet for Christian Midis!

Oak Hills Christian College
Oak Hills Christian College a branch of Oak Hills Fellowship Oak Hills Christian College has gone through many changes since opening its doors in 1946 as Oak Hills Christian Training School. Amidst these changes our goal has remained the same. The..

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