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Learn French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, English, German, Russian or Ukrainian by downloading a language to your brain. Language learning softwarwe that ...

Learn French Online With Eloquence
Why not learn French online? Eloquence has a course for all levels and abilities - the most comprehensive on the Net.

Academic Language Studies - Learn French
Learn French in one of Europe's leading French language schools in Paris. Accredited by the Academy of Paris as private institute of higher education. Attractive leisure programmes.

Learn French Now!
The Rosetta Stone Language Library's award-winning CD-ROM programs have taught NASA, the State Department and over 3 million worldwide. Run our free web demo in any of our 23 languages!

Dialogue Intensive French in Belgium
Dialogue Intensive French provides customized, one-on-one training in French at its center in the beautiful Ardennes region of Belgium.

French Language-Want To Learn Fast?!
Understand and speak French language-guaranteed! Quickly learn French for your job, business, or vacation-with truly effective Pimsleur French courses! Hello France, Canada, Switzerland!

The world famous Pimsleur audio cassette language programs are offered for 27 languages. In association with Amazon.com!

Learn French Online at Lguide.com
Learn French online with Lguide - the Internet's best guide to online learning. ratings, reviews and analysis of courses to build your foreign language skills. Lguide - L is for learning.

Breakthrough French Learning Software
Transparent Language offers the best language learning and translation software on PC or Mac. "Top 100 Cd-roms 1998" (PC Magazine). "Top-rated" (Family PC). "Revolutionary" (Mac User).

Department of French Language and Literatures, University of Virginia
text version http://www.virginia.edu/~french/ For more information about the French Department, please send an e-mail to Deanna Franco at ddf8n@cms.mail.virginia.edu or phone (804) 924-7158. The French Department Web pages are maintained by Cynthia.

Vis a Vis. French Language Schools
Vis a Vis is one of the biggest educational organizations focused on the teaching of French. With schools in France, Belgium and Canada, and a wide range of courses.

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