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Gold - Gold Bullion Coins
Gold - All the details on world gold, silver and platinum 2000 bullion coins. Includes gold coin specs on most popular gold coins, platinum coins, and silver dollars including gold American Eagles, gold Canadian Maple Leafs, gold China Pandas

Heritage Rare Coins, Numismatic Auctions
World's largest rare coin dealer. Huge online inventory, auction catalogs with prices realized, latest buy prices, free e-listings and more.

California Numismatic Investments
Investing in coins by type is rewarding but their scarcity can be frustrating. In some cases it's best to call for availability. 

Investing in rare Coins
Investing in Rare Coins Investing in rare coins can be a rewarding experience for anyone who approaches the calling armed with the right attitude and backround ...

Accent Rare Coins
2000 dates available now! Order coins online. Nice selection of gold coins, silver dollars, and all the 2000 American Eagles from gold to silver and platinum.

Best Coin Prices - Zoomcoin.com
Monaco Financial features news/commentary covering rare coins, gold, silver and platinum. Search $7 million+ inventory and view, buy and sell rare coins online. Live precious metal prices.

The American Mumismatic Association
If you intend to buy rare or bullion coins for investment, your best protection is to spend time learning about the coins you are being asked to buy. In the past, most investment gains have gone to collectors, often known as numismatists, who have taken the time to carefully study various aspects of coins, including rarity, grading, market availability, and price trends. Investment success over the years is the result of prudently acquiring coins of selected quality, proven rarity, and established numismatic desirability. Many careful buyers study coins for some time before buying even a single coin. Success also can be enhanced by researching dealers, as well as coins.

Investing in Gold and Gold Coins and Bars
International Gold Bars Collection. Information sheet on Gold Coins. Requires Acrobat Reader v. 3.0 or higher: A Guide to Investing in Gold.

Coin Universe
Latest News: Canadian Coins Glitter at Pittman Sale - Two rare Canadian coins took center stage Tuesday, Oct. 21, when the marathon auction sale of the John Jay Pittman Collection opened in Baltimore.

The Pobjoy Mint
The Pobjoy family has been involved with the manufacture and sale of precious metal items for over 300 years. The Pobjoy Mint specialists in the manufacture of coinage and medals. Since 1969 we have manufactured coins and medals for some 20% of the world 's governments and we presently strike coinage and other metal items for over 40 countries.

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