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Prospector's Gold and Gems
Specializing in gold nuggets, specimens, investing, wholesale, specimens, crystalline, Barlow collection, Red beryl, Emerald, Rhodochrosite, consulting, buying, selling,

Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange
Live interactive auction and person-to-person trading floor for jewelry, fine watches, diamonds and precious metals products and an online store featuring unbeatable values on fine jewelry.

Goldmasters Coins & Precious Metals
Goldmasters Coins and Precious Metals hosts live online precious metals trading featuring up to date coin and precious metal prices. Let our 30 years of experience work for you!

Gold Information Network
Call a gold specialist toll free for today's best gold buys. Free "World Gold Report." The new 2000 American Eagles just arrived.

Measuring only 13 millimeters in diameter, this $1 Liberty has the distinction of being the smallest of the U.S. gold coins. The Type I Gold Dollar bears the crowned image of Miss Liberty surrounded by 13 stars (signifying the original 13 states) on the obverse and a wreath encircles the denomination and date on the reverse.
On just a few of the 1849 issues, Miss Liberty's head is very small. Type I Gold Dollars are very rare in high mint state grades.

The World Gold Council
We live in times of tumultuous change. Borders shift. Businesses collapse. Wars flare up. Amid all this global turmoil, gold stands firm. Through centuries of war and peace, feast and famine, gold has always been a consistent store of value and a trusted medium of exchange.

Available in 10 ounce bars. Often used as a long term hedge against inflation. Considered a standard of financial stability for institutions and governments. (1 kilo gold bar shown)

(Wall Street Directory- WSD) - GoldStock Letter
Troubadour, Inc., publishes the Goldstock Letter every week. Its Goldstock Trading Portfolio boasts the best published record of trading the leading Gold.

EagleWing Research ..... Why Gold Funds?
Historically, gold has always been a method for storing value when ordinary currency was losing value. Since other investments were valued in the depreciating currency, allocating a portion to gold assets was similar to a financial insurance policy.

Rare coins, gold, gold coins, investing, win a gold coin, great prices
A MESSAGE FROM BRET LEIFER Gold coins - their price is low! The media tells us that there is no inflation and that inflation will not come back. That's...

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