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Learn Mandarin Chinese from the comfort of your own home or office

A Base for Learning Chinese
Resource Chinese-Cantonese Syllabary Conversational ... fun Chinese is Learn to Write ... Asian Studies Chinese Links - pointers to useful resources Learning Chinese.

The China Language Website
Welcome to the Chinalanguage website. This web site is dedicated to Chinese languages. Chinese language general Introduction to Chinese languages Chinese character database English forenames in Chinese Dialects of China (DOC) database Chinese...

Chinese Language Phrases
Return to Culture Index. How the phrases are listed: The following Mandarin phrases are listed on the first line in English. On the 2nd line, the...

Learning Chinese is Fun
The Best Gift Dr. Jacy Chen's learning series * Easy as ABC * For all ages * Pronunciation, listening, vocabulary & short sentences * Native Chinese speakers * Interactive practice

Learning Chinese Online Page
CD Titles and other ... CD for Windows; Mandarin Pronunciation by Zhang ... Step into China by Resources United International; ABC Interactive Chinese ....

On-line Chinese Tools
Java and CGI tools to help people learn and use Chinese

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