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Moto Guzzi
Seit mehr als zwei Jahrzehnten in Produktion und immer weiter verfeinert präsentiert sich die 97er Ausgabe der Moto Guzzi California 1100i. Herzstück ist wie bei allen Motorrädern aus dem Hause Moto Guzzi ein luftgekühlter V-2-Zylinder mit 90° Zylinderwinkel, der bei der klassischen California 1100i 1064 cm³ groß ist und 75 PS leistet. Zum souveränen Auftritt der bildschönen California paßt vor allem das bullige Drehmoment von 91 Nm, das bereits bei 5000 U/min anliegt. Damit steht der 251 Kilogramm schweren Maschine Kraft aus dem Drehzahlkeller in Hülle und Fülle zur Verfügung. Obwohl die California 1100i bis zu 200 km/h schnell sein kann, animiert die entspannte und bequeme Sitzposition jedoch eher zu einem ruhigen Fahrstil. Einem solchen Motorrad entsprechend wurde eine Bremsanlage installiert, die mit drei schwimmend gelagerten Scheibenbremsen arbeitet, von denen vorne zwei mit 300 und hinten eine mit 270 mm Durchmesser installiert sind. Die für Langstrecken konstruierte Sitzbank ist für Fahrer und Sozius separat ausgeformt und trägt zu einem Komforterlebnis bei, das nur bei Moto Guzzi zu finden ist. Die große, klassische Guzzi California ist
in der '97er Ausführung für 20.800 Mark zu haben.

Motorcycles, JET SKI® watercraft, ATVs, utility vehicles, and portable generators are just some of the unique consumer products that have made the Kawasaki brand a household name around the world.

If you're looking for the best motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and scooters in the world, continue looking to Honda as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary of industry leadership.

For almost 35 years, American Suzuki Motor Corporation has been a leading player in America's passion for motor vehicles.

KTM Motorcycles
KTM Motorcycles Australia is the sole importer of KTM Motorcycles, spare parts and accessories in Australia.

Twenty-one of the best two-wheelers our world has to offer, in all sizes, shapes and colors.
Nine different bikes for doin' it in the dirt, whether you're looking for a trophy--or just pure fun.

Go with your gut. Listen to your heart. Then, read what the experts are saying about the motorcycle you know you want. Call it strength in numbers. Call it a second, third or fourth opinion. As you consider owning a BMW motorcycle, read what some critics have to say.

Harley Davidson
(1901) In Milwaukee, William Harley, 21, and Arthur Davidson, 20, began experiments on "taking the work out of bicycling." They were soon joined by Arthur's brothers, Walter and William.
(1903) Many changes were made to the engine design before its builders were satisfied. After the new looped frame was finalized, they were ready to begin production. 1903 production: 3 motorcycles. (1906-1907) Harley-Davidson erected its first building at the current Juneau Avenue site in 1906 and they incorporated in 1907. 1907 production: 150 motorcycles.

Great motorcycle design is never superficial; it is a glimpse into the very soul of the machine. The Ducati 916 is not just a beautiful bike; its aerodynamic shape, trademark head lamps and distinctive tail - all widely copied by the motorcycle industry - provide critical elements of function. Similarly, a corporate logo is much more than a mere "style" - it is a means by which Ducati communicates its message to the world. As one of motorcycling's great historic marques, Ducati deserves a consistent corporate identity that delivers the visual punch of a champion.

The all-new Buell S1 Lightning made its debut in 1996 and immediately turned heads. One of those who took notice was Brent Plummer, editor-in-chief of Motorcycle Online. Plummer partnered with Graves Motorsports on a project to see if and how the new Buell would fare in tough NASB competition. Modifying the S1 Lightning for the Sportbike Challenge's 102 hp class was, at the time, unprecedented. The sportbike classes have been dominated by Japanese bikes. The Buell performed well, particularly due to its edge in torque. But, typical of any rookie, the demands of top-caliber racing took their toll. By the end of the nine-race season, it was clear that, even though there was still a ways to go to reach championship form, the Buell has what it takes to be competitive. For 1997, Motorcycle Online is working with Team Corbin and their lead rider, Shawn Higbee. As the Team Corbin/Motorcycle Online Buell S1 Lightning gears up for the season, Brent Plummer gives us a look behind the scenes at how they took to the track for their first season.

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