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Amtrak & Freight Trains
Welcome Aboard!This page is made up of photos, & WAVs, of Amtrak and freight trains from (mostly) the Central New York area. I also have an Amtrak information/update section. I'm a big fan of Amtrak (favorite Amtrak engines: GP40TC's nos. 192 - 199.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad
Burlington Northern Santa Fe operates one of the largest rail networks in North America, with 35,000 route miles covering 28 states and 2 Canadian  provinces.

Trains on Video Welcome
Trains on Video online catalog with videos of the worlds most beautiful trains going through breathtaking landscapes. Books on trains available through Amazon.com and timetables of trains in North America.

The Iron-ore Train Freight Company (MTAS)
In 1996 the MTAS was founded by the Norwegian State Railways (NSB), the Swedish State Railways (SJ) and the LKAB Iron-ore mining company. The new MTAS company are responsible for the iron-ore freight from Kiruna in Sweden to Narvik in Norway. MTAS owns all locomotives which are uniq to the iron-ore freight trains (Class El15, Class Di7/LKAB5 and all former Swedish DM3/DM locomotives.

Japanese Railfreight 
An EF200 and a DF500 exhibited at Shin-Tsurumi depot, by Kiyoshi Shinozawa. Higashi-Yokohama (south of Yokohama station), Shin-Tsurumi (close to Shin-Kawasaki, Yokosuka- line) and Shiodome (close to Shimbashi) are a few examples in and around Tokyo.

National Railway Company of Poland: PKP 
A B C D E F G H I J K SM03 B 1959 111 45 DM Diesel --- --- Small shunters, more than 600 built, mostly for industry SM30 Bo'Bo' 291 1959 257 58 DE Diesel --- --- Shunters, some rebuilt to SP30 class for local passenger trains SP30 Bo'Bo' 0 1959 257 58 DE Diesel --- --- Some units class SM30 rebuilt for light passenger trains SM31 Co'Co' 140 1976 882 80 DE Diesel --- --- Shunters SP32 Bo'Bo'.

NS - class 3000 
The mail motor cars can move 15 tonnes of freight and pull several freight cars (there used to be mail freight cars suited for 140 km/h). Nowadays the seven remaining electric mail cars are used as "locomotives" for light freight trains between the different NS workshops.

TrainWeb Railfaning - Railroad Photography - Photographing Trains
TrainWeb Railfaning - Railroad Photography - Photographing Trains - Railfan Railroading - Railroads - Railways.

After a break of some years for more athletic pursuits, (rugby etc) and for study my childhood interest in railways was rekindled in 1982, and in 1983 I started a photographic collection of New Zealand Railways. Concentrating mainly on freight...

Freight Trains
Connex South Eastern Docklands Light Railway Eurostar First Great Eastern Freight Trains Miscellaneous Great Western Heathrow Express South West Trains Thames ...

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