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Passenger Train Accommodations
Photographs and detailed descriptions of passenger cars including seats, bedrooms, lounge and dining areas. Not sure what type of accommodations you will have? Here are some helpful hints!

UPRR-Passenger Trains
This is the story of the first transcontinental railroad; the greatest, most daring engineering effort the country had yet seen. The time was the 1860s. The idea was to span the west with iron rails from Omaha to Sacramento, build a railroad across two-thirds of the continent on some of the most difficult terrain on earth.

The Royal Scotsman
The Royal Scotsman offers the discerning passenger a train journey of a lifetime.  Receiving the highest level of hospitality within elegant and luxurious surroundings; sampling the highest quality regional foods along with our personally selected wine list.  Traveling through the most breathtaking and unspoilt Scottish countryside as well as a personal liveried coach to take you to your private tours around  some of the most exclusive castles and sites.

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Seminole Gulf Railway Passenger Service 
Seminole Gulf Railway owns and operates almost 100 miles of trackage in Florida from a connection with the national rail system at Arcadia to North Naples. Your hosts, the Fay Family, Seminole Gulf's Passenger Service Manager, Carl Appelberg, and all of the company's employees are committed to providing you with a most enjoyable and fascinating trip.

CNJ Passenger Steam Trains Pt 5 - NE Rails
CNJ Passenger Steam Trains Pt 5 - NE Rails Central New Jersey Passenger Steam Photos Mogul, Consolidation, & Mikado American Standard Switchers Atlantic & Pacific Other CNJ Info: CNJ Steam Photo Roster CNJ All-Time Diesel Roster CNJ Active Ros

Rockets in Des Moines, 1968-69 Rock Island Passenger service in Des Moines was near its end when the following photographs were taken. A han.

National Railway Company of France: SNCF
SNCF - Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français Network length, gauge and eletrification (1994): 34449km standard .

National Railway Company of Greece: OSE
OSE - Organismos Sidirodromon Ellados Network length, gauge and electrification (1995): 1565km standard gauge, 76km electrified at 25kV 50Hz.

National Railway Company of the Slovak Republic: ZSR
ZSR - Zeleznice Slovenskej Republiky Network length, gauge and electrification (1996): 3661km standard gauge, 633km electrified at 3000V= an.

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