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"That's What I Think"
editorials by Dave Parker



God Forgets, Sometimes                                                                                    

Since Adam and Eve, sin has been with us and there has been continuous rebellion in the hearts of people. However, few countries through the ages have been established on Biblical law as has been the United States. So, why have we strayed so far?

I realize that during the roaring twenties we stooped pretty low in our homeland. As a result, the Lord sent the depression to bring us up short. But as unfaithful as we were back then, we at least weren't murdering our babies by the millions, we didn't have men marrying men and women marrying women, we didn't have a media that was nearly totally controlled by wickedness, deception and lying and our president wasn't telling Israel they need to give their land to their enemies (Incidentally, the USA stands in great peril because of President Bush's determination on that issue!).

This country needs to repent! If we don't, there is no hope! Yes, our nation needs to repent, but to me, the most scary fact of all is that the clergy are not calling the people of God to repentance. Until that happens, you can count on it, there is no hope! We must all plead with God to cleans us through and through. That alone will give us hope. Only when God's people truly repent will He forget our sin and restore our nation.

How to Heal a Nation

Thank God For This Clergyman!
At Least One Of Our Spiritual Leaders
Is Willing To Tell It Like It Is

These editorials will not always be a daily product. However, as I am able I will endeavor to bring to writ my reflections on society.

Have the best day you have ever had and may they get progressively better every day hereafter!

Dave Parker

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