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"That's What I Think"

editorials by Dave Parker



Where Do I Get The Truth?   

The Question, "Where do I get the truth?" has been asked relative to Media Sources, etc. for learning the truth about what is going on in the World. However, there is a more basic question, "What is truth"?

This question implies the need for a standard. As I wrote in a past editorial, in a Democratic form of government, public opinion is the standard. Is this a reasonable standard? I think not because public opinion changes like the wind. Further, it can be easily manipulated by the Media. I firmly believe that the Democratic form of government provides an avenue ultimately for a Dictatorship. At best it leads to government by "The Few". Again, that's what I think! I challenge you to think about it!

There are only two forms of government which are for the good of humankind. The first is a dictatorship led by God himself. This style of government is coming when the Lord Jesus will rule from Jerusalem for a thousand years in what Bible scholars refer to as "The Millennium Age". The second valid form of government is a "Republic" (Government by the rule of law). However, only the dictatorship of the Lord Jesus is a truly durable system because His rule will be that of perfect justice by the "All Powerful, All Seeing Judge". No one will be out side of His rule! A republic is established by humans and though there laws may be based on the Bible as was the case when the US Constitution was formed, those laws can be perverted by perverse judges and congressional leaders, a phenomena that we have all observed in this country.

I believe the only reasonable basis for truth is the Bible. That belief is supported by the logic that the universe has a creator which according to the Bible is Jehovah God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. Since I believe that, I judge everything I hear and read by Biblical teaching.

It was my frustration with Mainline Media that prompted me to do extensive research for news sources that I considered reliable. The result is a substantial assortment of links to news Web sites found on a page of links at Enhanced Web titled Recommended News Sites. Since the average person doesn't have the time to wade through forty plus Web sites (Not one is a Mainline News Site) I post daily the most important reports on a page titled, Pertinent Reports.

I'm sure there are other reliable news sites, but, I am not aware of them. I continue to search. When and if I locate them they will be included.

These sources above were chosen because they espouse generally the belief systems that I laid out for you in "Issue Four" when I listed the characteristics to look for in a government leader.

I hope you find my work on your behave helpful. Enjoy!

These editorials will not always be a daily product. However, as I am able I will endeavor to bring to writ my reflections on society.

Have the best day you have ever had and may they get progressively better every day hereafter!

Dave Parker

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