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"That's What I Think"
editorials by Dave Parker

Is God Real Or What?

16 Year Old Girl Was Raised From The Dead!
Article by Bill Bright

Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God (Mark 10:27, NLT).

Dear friends:

Our Lord tells us, "All things are possible with God" (Mark 10:27, NIV). I have learned not to doubt what God might do to demonstrate His love and to fulfill the Great Commission.

A few years ago, Paul Eshleman, the director of our worldwide JESUS Film Project ministry, documented one of the most amazing examples of God's power and purposes that I have ever heard.

The Malto tribe lives in the north of India, in the state of Bihar. The people are resistant, even hostile, to the gospel. It is an area saturated with the worship of Satan and hundreds of false gods.

One of our "JESUS" film teams approached the Malto tribe. But the resistance was so stiff that they bypassed the area and went to more receptive villages to show the film. A few days later, a 16-year-old girl died in one of the Malto villages.

It was evening and the family had finished preparations for burial. Many had gathered around to pay their respects and support the family. They were about to bury the body when the girl suddenly, miraculously awoke!

In stunned disbelief, the people told her, "Then you were not dead!"

"Yes, I WAS dead," she told them. "I went to the place of the dead. But God told me I must come back and tell you about the real God, the true God."

Still astonished, the villagers began to ask her, "Then who is the true God?" She went on to tell them that it was the God proclaimed by the film teams they had turned away. "God has given me seven days to tell as many people as I can that He is real," the girl said.

The next day, she sought out and found the film team in another village. She told them her story, and that God told her she was to go with them. For the next seven days, they showed the film to the now-receptive Malto villages. Before every crowd, she fearlessly proclaimed, "I was dead but God has sent me back to tell you that this film is about the true and living God. He has given me seven days to tell you. You need to believe in Him."

Then after the seventh day, although physically she appeared fine, she collapsed and died, just like she said.

Paul explained that as a result of this, hundreds of people who were bound by the chains of Satan turned to the living Christ, and at least six churches were established in the Maltohttp://www.enhancedweb.com/JesusIsComing.htm area.

Yours for fulfilling the Great Commission each year until our Lord returns,

Bill Bright


Maranatha! The Lord Jesus is soon coming for His own, very soon! Rejoice, assuming you are one of God's people! If you are not, please give your life to Him today before it is too late! You'll be so glad you did!

These editorials will not always be a daily product. However, as I am able I will endeavor to bring to writ my reflections on society.

Have the best day you have ever had and may they get progressively better every day hereafter!

Dave Parker

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