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"That's What I Think"

editorials by Dave Parker


What Should I Believe?   

The question, "What Should I Believe?" implies a lack of confidence in the sources of information that we have today. Again, speaking generally, those sources are, the Media (TV, Radio, magazines and the Movie Industry), the Education System, Major Corporations (through advertising and the foundations that they support), books and the Religious Community.

The majority of the public are spectators. The average person boarders on being a "Couch Potato", absorbing the input of what they see and hear like sponges.

It's been said that approximately Fifty families own the media facilities of the entire World. Therefore, control of what we are allowed to know is in the hands of an extremely small group of individuals.

Thinking people will readily admit that the media has a Globalistic World View (they believe that everyone should have to submit to a One World Democratic Form of Government and to a One World Religion). Democracy in practice means the government is run by "Majority Rule" or "Public Opinion" which in this case would be manipulated by them. Over the years the core group of Globalist Leaders has come to regard themselves as "Intellectual Elites".

Is it any wonder that the general populace follows blindly what the media feeds to them. Most have no idea that their minds are highly sophisticated computers. Whatever information is inputted to a computer is what the computer functions with. It thus becomes obvious that the "Global Elite" find it quite easy to control the belief systems of the World.

The Education Systems of nearly every country of the World (excluding Muslim Countries) are solidly in the pocket of the Globalists and have been indoctrinating their students for a very long time. Colleges are especially aggressive in that effort.

As the major corporations of the World have prospered, their stock holders have demanded increased earnings. This required them to expand into what became a World Marketplace. Thus, they have clamored for the favor of the people of the World as well as World governments in order to effectively grow their businesses. Its easy to see then why the collective business community would seek media approval. To enhance the Globalist effort, many of these corporations have cooperated with individuals of the Global Elite to form what has become known as NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) that work unnoticed to influence World opinion and Government activity toward Global ends.

Since the authors of books are merely persons of society they reflect social ideology. Thus, what is written in them is simply an image of societal thought and practice. That extends from the ultra conservative to the extreme liberal view, including of course all the various religious beliefs. There is also the attempt of some to inform us of history. However, they are dependant on the information available to them from past accounts which recorded the thought and practices of their day.

Though things have gone well for the current group of Global Elite, their efforts have been thwarted by religion. The Muslims have long held aspirations of World Rule. The Communists, though anti-God are really a group that worships humankind and dreams of World Utopia under their control. In the Globalist's mind however, the most frustrating religion of all is Christianity. You see, Christians believe that Jehovah God should, and one day will rule the World. Further, Christians believe that governments should govern by the rule of law based on the Bible. It is important to remember that the United States was founded as a Republic (A Government established on the rule of law and our Laws were based on Biblical teachings). From this one can easily understand why Globalists regard Christians as 'Their Number One Enemy" and the United States as a "Great Frustration". Does it not also become obvious why most World leaders hate President Bush? He has never been ashamed to tell anyone that serving the Lord Jesus is what he lives for. We may not agree with everything he does, but his faith as a Christian is obvious (Romans 10: 9, 10). President Bush further believes strongly that the United States is a sovereign nation and should not come under the authority of the UN or any other World government. He also, strongly asserts that our country should function by the rule and intent of law which includes of course our constitution. No wonder the media hates him.

What should I believe? Personally, I weigh every source of information and what they tell me with the truths of "The Written Will of God for Humankind", The Bible. If the author or speaker is unashamed to state their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ I consider them to be reliable. However, I always weigh what they present by what I know the Bible teaches. I further seek the Holy Spirit to guide me as to whether they continue to be reliable. This practice has caused me to occasionally exclude Web sites that showed signs of wavering.

So, what should I believe? My passion will always be to know truth. That fact dictates that I spend the time necessary to become knowledgeable in the truths of Holy Scripture. That is the only way to have the discernment to determine truth and to live in harmony with the mind and will of God.

These editorials will not always be a daily product. However, as I am able I will endeavor to bring to writ my reflections on society.

Have the best day you have ever had and may they get progressively better every day hereafter!

Dave Parker

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