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"That's What I Think"
editorials by Dave Parker
When Will We Understand?

When will we understand that our deepest longing must be to become habitually pleasing to the Lord Jesus, to worship Him continually, to obey Him always and to commune with Him throughout every day?

When will we understand that we don't own anything? The money God has trusted us with, the knowledge, experience, talent, strength and health He has granted to us, the time we have, our freedom, the opportunities, our heritage; every benefit that comes our way belongs to Him. We are only stewards of all that touches our lives. We have no right to use God's gifts to indulge ourselves no matter how much He has blessed us. Everything we do should be for the purpose of exalting Him, not bathing ourselves in abundance and pleasure. May God help us to get this issue straight before judgment falls!

What kind of steward are you? What consumes your time? Who benefits from your investments? Is He your consuming passion? Is love for Him what motivates all of your activity? If He is not the highest priority and benefactor in your life, you are an idolater. Anything in our lives that has a higher priority than exalting God is idolatry. He must be preeminent in all that we are, have and do!

Think it through! There is not much time left to get straight and each of us will have to give an account for how we have handled what He has put in our trust.

One more think; I don't want to break anyone's bubble, but Isaiah 26:12b says, "All that we have accomplished you (God) have done for us." Contrary to what the Bible says here, it is obvious to me that most folks believe that it is because of their brilliance, talent, hard work, etc. that they are successful at anything they have accomplished. I am so exercised over the arrogance and deification of humankind that I witness everywhere, even in the Church.

One's observation is continuous; we hear statements like, "Isn't she gorgeous?", not, "Isn't God awesome to make someone so beautiful." We hear, "You are such a great singer!", not, God sure gave you a wonderful voice. Isn't He incredible?" On and on it goes. The truth is, we can't even breath without God's enabling. We collectively aught to be exalting Him in everything, not people. I believe, if we are honest, the reason we readily give adulation to others is, subtly, if not consciously, we enjoy being praised ourselves. Folks, only God deserves worship. There is strong evidence in scripture that if we accept the praise of others, we will have no reward in heaven for our service (Mt. 6:2, 6:16). Further, the Bible says in John 3:30, "He must increase, but I must decrease."

It's one thing for a person to say, for example, to their pastor, "Your message really blessed me. Thank you!" The pastor's response, however, should be, "Let's praise The Lord together!" God needs to get all praise. He alone is worthy!

Maranatha! The Lord Jesus is soon coming for His own, very soon! Rejoice, assuming you are one of God's people! If you are not, please give your life to Him today before it is too late! You'll be so glad you did!

These editorials will not always be a daily product. However, as I am able I will endeavor to bring to writ my reflections on society.

Have the best day you have ever had and may they get progressively better every day hereafter!

Dave Parker

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