It Would Appear The Lord's Return Is Near!

Bible Scholars have debated for years how the last days will transpire.   Since I could never profess to be a scholar I will not present any dogma on the subject.  However, having said that, I do confess to having a passion for understanding God's mind relative to the last days so that I not be ignorant as these events unfold before our eyes.  My opinion is that the Lord's return to "Catch Up" or "Rapture" His people is very near, "even at the door", as The Scripture says.

One of the most significant prophetic books in God's written "Will", The Bible, is Revelation.  Few would disagree that this incredible description of coming events is difficult to understand for the average reader.  With this in mind I determined to put it's message into a format which hopefully will be helpful in grasping the overall timing of events.  Much is abbreviated here because I concentrated only on listing events as they occurI further grouped them together; "The opening of the seals", "The seven trumpets", etc.   Hopefully, no one feels by presenting this material in this way that I am adding to or detracting from this Holy Book.  That is the last thing I would ever do.

My prayer is that this is helpful to many in their quest to understand what The Holy Spirit has written through John in this exciting portrayal of God's great authority and power.


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