Greetings!  My name is Dave Anderson. Because I have done and still do a great deal of writing, I have chosen my first and second names (Dave Parker) as my writing name.

I began my life as a poor country boy who lived in a modest home that was nestled amongst the jack pines of northern Minnesota. I have aged considerably since then. Below is the visual likes of who I am today. By my side for 58 years is my precious wife, Kathy:

I was very blessed to be raised by parents who loved and served God with all their hearts. Their example was incredibly valuable to me. However, by nature I was a very independent person who didn’t take for face value what I was taught.

Fortunately, I did accept one teaching of my parents, that of the authority of God’s Holy "Will" for humankind, the Bible. Accordingly, I began early in life to read it for myself.

One evening at age 8, for some reason which I do not remember, I had become very sad and was crying. My mother heard me and came into my bedroom. It was that experience somehow that God used to cause me to desire being a Christian and I asked Him to come into my life and save me from my sins. I already knew that Jesus was God’s son who came to earth to die and that when he died, He had paid the penalty for my sins. I also knew that if I would believe that, and I did, and if I would commit my life to that belief, I would then have my sins forgiven and would be eternally saved from hell. Now that I think of it, I was afraid that night that I might go to hell which I knew from the Bible was a lake of burning sulfur. I believe it was that fear that caused me to want to make things right with God. To this day I am very thankful for the motivation of fear.

As life went on, my faith strengthened through many circumstances. I continued to read my Bible, attend church, Bible camps, church youth meetings, etc. and was blessed with the friendship of many Christians. My parents insisted on a great deal of scripture memory which I still believe is the best way to obey His command to hide His "Word" in our hearts.

When I was 15, an evangelist by the name of Ray Nelson, came to our little country church. Somehow God moved in my heart that night to cause me to dedicate my entire life to Him. From that point I have sought to become pleasing to God in every way. My experience deepened over the years. Through extensive reading of the Bible I learned that God desired a very close and intimate relationship with me and that if I would seek Him with all my heart, soul and mind He would make Himself known to me. I read in the Bible that He would even confide in me. This teaching of "His Will" griped my whole being to the point that I began to seek Him with my entire life. The result has been incredible beyond words. There is no way to describe the thrill of this relationship. I can only say that nothing else even comes close to my friendship with God. Everything that I count valuable in life has it’s roots in this moment by moment fellowship with Him. It is what I live for and is what gives life meaning and purpose. All else pales compared to this amazing blessing. I say amazing because I am fully aware that I deserve, without question, to be in hell. But, instead, simply by entrusting my life to God, I am enjoying the very best that life offers and will spend eternity with Him in Heaven, a paradise which is beyond human comprehension. My prayer is that all who read this will also enjoy the blessing that God has given this most undeserving soul.

May the Good Lord bless you beyond all that you could ever imagine or think.

Dave Anderson

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