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This book is dedicated

to my wife, Kathleen Corrine,

to honor the commitment

of her life to me.



This book has been written because of a deep burden for those who have never experienced the indescribable pleasure of knowing God. The term "knowing God", as used here, refers to a very close relationship with Him, based on intense selfless love, in which we converse regularly throughout each day about even the most minute details of mutual interest and concern. In the chapters that follow I will share with you overwhelming evidence that God desires to reveal Himself to us so that we may know Him to that extent.

Personally, life's experiences have brought about a longing to know God that continues to grow. I can identify with David when he wrote in the Psalms, "O God, earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you, ....".

It is unfortunate, but true, that many Christians do not really know God. Does my statement shock you? I can almost hear the reply, "How can a person be a Christian and not know God?" The answer is simple. In the sense of spiritual union, all Christians know him. But in the close intimate relationship experienced by two individuals who deeply love each other, sad to say, many Christians have never experienced that. Their relationship with God is similar to a wife that is still married but has been separated from her husband for years. They only time she makes contact with him is  when she needs something.

You see, salvation is based on our faith in God and what He has done to save us. We might learn about Him, see evidence of the validity of what we learn, and, as a result, commit our life to Him. Thus, we become spiritually reborn, we become Christians. However, though we know about God and have faith in Him for salvation, as I said, it is still possible that we do not know Him as He intended that we should. Thus, many are missing life's greatest experience, that of a close personal relationship with the creator of the universe, Jesus, the living Christ! What a loss! What a travesty!

My purpose is twofold:

1. I want everyone to grasp the depth of relationship that God desires to have with them.

2. I want them to experience the unimaginable pleasure of knowing Him as their very best friend.

It is absolutely amazing that the holy God of the universe desires that we know and love him to this degree. The thought of it is overwhelming and brings to mind these lines from an old gospel song;

"Friendship with Jesus, fellowship divine, Oh, what blessed, sweet communion, Jesus is a friend of mine."

Read on and let's enjoy Him together.

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