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Why Should You Use YIPPY?

Are you concerned about protecting your family and privacy on the web?

All major web services such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing store and utilize your personal information in ways you may not be aware or knowingly approved! At YIPPY, your privacy and protection are our focus. We will not track your activity on our platform, store your history in our browser, monitor or record your searches, store copies of your email, or collect any information other than what you volunteer. YIPPY will not sell your personal information to advertisers for profit. If you're looking for a web service you can trust, look no further than YIPPY.

With YIPPY, you not only receive private, protected web browsing and
search capabilities, you also receive:

      A Family-Friendly platform protecting you and your children from pornography and more unseemly
        elements of the web
      Web-based Email, Documents, Storage, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, and More!
      2Gb Storage on the YIPPY cloud
      Video Conferencing and Chat
      Fully customizable user platform including themes, backgrounds, icon sets, views, and more
      Television, Cartoons, and Movies
      Hundreds of News Feeds on all your favorite topics
      Dozens of Video Games
      Streaming Radio in many genres
      Widgets for Local Events, Weather, and much more

Did we mention that it's FREE and 100% PRIVATE

Big Brother is Watching. YIPPY isn't.

Welcome to the Cloud.

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and may not be used without the written permission of Dave Anderson,
Owner of the Dave Anderson Co.